Epstein Joslin Architects

Private Dwellings

Beacon Hill Loft

Boston, MA

A standard one-bedroom condominium was gutted and transformed into a loft-style abode. New visual continuity from front to back, alongside the stair and services volume, produce the perception of a larger space than previously experienced. This has been further enhanced with the use of mirrored surfaces in the upper reaches of the service volume, suggesting open space above it. Linear walls of cabinets on both party walls provide extraordinary storage, without the feel of clutter or lose of space. The result is a calm and elegant urban resting place overlooking the Charles River.

Renderings Copyright Epstein Joslin Architects

Project Completion Date

Spring 2014

Project Cost


Project Size

1000 square feet


Alan Joslin, Principal-in-Charge
Robert Picardy, Project Designer

Consultants for design team

Millwork, Inc. Builders:
80 Trowbridge Street Cambridge, MA 02138 telephone: 617-868-1766 fax: 617-661-1148